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Swift Grip

Swift Grip (2) Heavy Duty 5 Foot Adjustable Bungee Dock Lines for Boats, Mooring Lines, Jet ski Dock line, with Integrated Velcro Ties, Perfect for attaching Bumpers to Your PWC or Boat Dock Rope

Swift Grip (2) Heavy Duty 5 Foot Adjustable Bungee Dock Lines for Boats, Mooring Lines, Jet ski Dock line, with Integrated Velcro Ties, Perfect for attaching Bumpers to Your PWC or Boat Dock Rope

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  • All IN ONE BUNGEE DOCK LINES AND MORE: Each Kit includes (2) UV resistant 8mm Heavy Duty Bungee Ropes with integrated 8” Velcro straps on each end and a Hard Shell Storage case. Say Hello to the revolutionary Swift Grip Boat Dock Lines. Designed with evenly spaced sections along the 5 foot boat bungee dock lines for quick and easy docking, perfect for temporary docking. Swift Grip Ropes simplifies your fastening needs. These thick doubled up 8mm ropes have multiple options to secure.
  • IDEAL LENGTH AND TENSION: The Swift Grip boat tie ropes system is a fast and hassle-free solution for achieving the perfect fit in any situation. Moreover, The bungee dockline includes integrated Velcro ties at each end, offering even more flexibility for securing or attaching a bumpers, Buoys, or any other accessory. Its evenly spaced sections ensure the right length and tension for every application, making it suitable for items of all sizes, they are a great option for Docking Lines
  • UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS: Whether you need to secure your ski boat bumper ropes, equipment, gear in your UTV, these boat ropes for docking are incredibly versatile. These straps with hooks are linkable, allowing you to secure any cargo, the multiple attachment points work perfect to secure awkwardly shaped items. The possibilities are endless, making it a safe and user-friendly replacement for traditional boat lines & dock ties
  • THE LAST ROPE YOU WILL NEED: Swift Grip Rope is your go-to stretch cord for any medium to heavy duty task, it offers superior safety and strength compared to standard single rope bungee boat dock lines. Its multiple sections enable you to tailor it to any load, making it an exceptional multipurpose bungee rope tie downs
  • WARRANTY: Rest easy with Swift Grips 1-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. If you encounter any such issues, simply reach out to our customer service team, and we'll take care of you by replacing your rope
  • The Swift Grip Rope Kits are the last adjustable bungee cords and tie down you will every need. Never have another knot in your rope tie downs with this multi use 5 foot Bungee. Don't Wait, Secure your Cargo Fast, Easy and Safe Today!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Very nice product 👍


I haven’t had a chance to use these on the boat yet, but I took them out and looked at how dirty the lines were and how helpful they’re going to be. I love that it comes with its own carrying case so they are not easily lost. I often go shopping on my golf cart and need bungees to keep things from falling out. These are great for that. They’re taut enough to prevent things from moving but stretchy enough to stretch it across the beams.

Dirk W.

Well, these are convenient. every time I pull the boat to the gas dock, it seems like their ropes are different, and a cleat is missing. I end up needing to pull the back engine compartment open to grab a launch rope to aid in the temporary tie-up. Also a stiff softpack for storage makes this pretty elegant, vs. some old ropes thrown at the bottom of the bumper area. These lines wrap up with some heavy duty modern velcro straps (each line has velcro wrap at each end. The lines also easily adjust.
These are bungee-ish, so there is some give, which I like when tying boast together. These Swift Grips Heavy Duty 5 Foot Adjustable Bungee Dock Lines are my solution. Also will use these for tying boats together in flotilla. My dock mooring lines are in.

Aloha Jeff

Well it's January and where we live boating season is over until Spring. But that doesn't mean these bungee lines can't be used away from the boat or the dock! I had to whip up a simple way to keep my tire chain and tow strap bag from sliding around in the bed of my truck. So a couple pieces of wood and a few minutes and I had a nice divider. I wanted to get the shovel out of my cab and I tossed it into the bed and I could here it go CLUNK when I come down the steep road and arrive at the stop sign. I thought about a bunch of complicated ways to fix this annoyance but I saw the solution hanging on my roll away box in the garage. I grabbed two inexpensive snap hooks from the local auto parts store and put one on each end of my Swift Grip. There are two tie down points in my bed that I attached each end to. Then I simply wrapped the Swift Grip around the handle of the shovel and that was that. I've also used it to keep stuff from sliding around in the other compartment you can see on the right nearest the tail gate. So until Spring makes its appearance this one bungee will see truck duty and if it works like I think it will I'll be buying another set... 2 for the truck and 2 for the boat.


Bungee is a bit thicker than 5/16" thick. Since is is looped, it is plenty strong to hold a boat tied to the dock. My boat is 20' long and this bungee should be plenty strong to hold it in place. I like that it has multiple loops to allow for varying lengths. Also comes in handy to secure the tops of the ice chests while towing the boat down the freeway. These bungees will hold the lids in place without any issues. As for build quality, I inspected them both and could not find any imperfections or poor workmanship.