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Swift Grip

Swift Grip Car Tie Down Straps for Trailers Ratchet Strap Kit, 10,000 lbs Break Strength, Tire Straps for Car, Truck, UTV & More, (4) Premium 2" x 12' Speed Strap, integrated Axle Straps & Velcro Ties

Swift Grip Car Tie Down Straps for Trailers Ratchet Strap Kit, 10,000 lbs Break Strength, Tire Straps for Car, Truck, UTV & More, (4) Premium 2" x 12' Speed Strap, integrated Axle Straps & Velcro Ties

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TIE DOWNS - Included: (4) 2" x 11' Heavy Duty Car Straps with Integrated 36" Axle / wheel straps and a 12" Velcro Tie, Tire Strap has anti scratch protective sleeve. Kit Includes (4) Professional Heavy Duty Ratchets, Padded large handles delivers a superior grip and comfort, another 12" integrated Velcro Tie, all hooks are full bend j-hooks with safety keeper clips. Storage is Not a problem with the Included Hard Shell Carrying Case - When your done playing, store your heavy duty ratchet straps in the durable case with convenient handle.
  • No More Misplaced Wheel Tie Down Straps, Its Integrated into the strap - Whether you're securing your precious Car, UTV or Equipment by wheels or axle, What ever you can get that 36" strap around. Simply use the Integrated Axle Strap to safely strap down. If your application doesn't need an Axle Strap, then just use the full bend J-Hook to a secure mounting point.
  • No More Tying Knots in your UTV straps with the loose end after securing - Simply use the the (2) integrated 12" velcro straps to secure loose ends of the strap. Also great for neatly storing your ratchet tie down straps.
  • Maximum Break Strength - 10,000 LBS PER STRAP, Total strap Length: 12 Feet, 36 Inch Integrated Axle Strap, Heavy Duty J-hook with safety clip, (2) Integrated 12 Inch velcro straps. These car trailer tie down straps are perfect for UTV tie down straps, trailer straps, car hauler straps, car tie downs, axle tie down straps, Heavy equipment, Emergency tire straps & Much More.
  • Our Swift Grip Promise - you will be receiving superior built quality tie downs for trailers, steel ratchets, Full bend J-hooks and indestructible poly blend webbing with a warranty to back the quality of the product.
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Customer Reviews

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I haul cars for my brothers lot and purchased these to use on the trailer. They have worked great so far. I would definitely recommend.

James R. Mason

I got these to strap down a demolition derby car on my 16' utility trailer. The frame of the car is difficult to attach to and I like the option to hold it by the wheels using these. That will allow the suspension of the car to do its thing without my chains/straps going slack when I hit bumps. I still think I'll throw on one chain as a Plan B option in case I get into a wreck to keep the hauled load out of the back of my tow vehicle. I also plan to use these to strap down a small antique tractor for interstate travel. They are well-made and the carrying case is a nice bonus for keeping them organized and clean. I'm not sure I trust them as much as I trust chains and binders, but they are just what I need for lighter vehicle hauling. I would definitely recommend these to others.

Chris Hales

The Grip Car Tie Down Straps for Trailers by Swift, is a great set of ratchet straps. This looks and feels like a higher quality, heavy duty set that should be able to handle the max breaking strength of 10,000 pounds and all the other car tie downs I throw at it. The ratcheting is smooth as any other ones I’ve had and it’s easy to wrap around the tires and get hooked up. The included storage bag is a fabric type material, but has a hard shape. It’s really a very nice bag for this type of tool and keeps everything contained until needed. Overall, I’m very happy with this strap set, because of its quality, performance and storability. I’ll be sure to update this review, if I ever start to have problems with it.
If you’d find it helpful to see a visual inspection of this product, I recommend you watch my included video in full screen or landscape. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well it’s a video! You can trust that this review is simply my honest opinion that is attempting to provide you with helpful insight that I wish I had before I picked this product. Hopefully it was helpful in your decision.

robert mcgee

This is way more heavy duty than I was expecting it to be. Love that it comes in a carrying case that is built to last and hold the straps when not in use. These are so massive I’d be willing to say a semi truck could be easily strapped down. Very impressed with the quality of the material and the overall