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Swift Grip

Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tie Downs (2) Motorcycle Tie Downs w/Integrated Soft Tie Hook & Velcro. Cargo Straps, Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Cambuckle Tie Down Straps with Hooks (chromoly) (Red)

Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tie Downs (2) Motorcycle Tie Downs w/Integrated Soft Tie Hook & Velcro. Cargo Straps, Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Cambuckle Tie Down Straps with Hooks (chromoly) (Red)

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  • Includes (2) HD Cam Buckle Tie Downs & (1) Hardshell Case
  • No More Misplaced Soft Tie Hooks - Whether you're securing your precious dirt bike, need moving tie down straps, or lashing strap to your handle bars, forks, swing arm, axle or what every you can get that 16" strap around. Simply use the integrated soft tie hook to safely tie down
  • No More Tying Knots in Your Tie Straps with The Loose End After Securing - Simply use the integrated velcro cinch straps to secure loose end of the strap. Also great for neatly storing your motorcycle straps, lashing straps and tie downs
  • Storage is Not A Problem with The Included Hard Shell Carrying Case - When your done playing, store your tie-down straps in the durable case with convenient handle. You will know exactly where they are at the next time you need your dirt bike tie down straps
  • Maximum Break Strength - 2,400 LBS PER STRAP, Total strap Length: 8 Feet, 16 Inch Integrated soft tie hook, S-hook diameter: ½ Inch, Integrated 10 Inch velcro strap. These cam buckle tie down straps with hooks are available in multiple bright colors and are perfect for dirt bike straps, truck tie down straps, kayak's, bicycles, ATV’s, Equipment and much more!
  • Our Swift Grip Promise - you will be receiving a superior built quality tie down strap, heavy duty cam buckle, anti-scratch rubber coated S-hooks and indestructible poly blend webbing with a warranty to back the quality of the product.




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Timothy M. Kniskern
      Easy to use, soft straps are a nice feature!

      These seem to be built well. The soft tie down attached straps are a very nice touch. And having a case to keep them in keeps them organized and secure. Can't vouch for durability yet but so far these are pretty nice!

      Michel I
      Great Features and Heavy Duty

      The straps are very well made and heavy duty. They are easy to sinch up and release. The cam buckle and hooks are heavy duty. The hooks are rubber coated with a somewhat flimsy guard that keeps the hook from releasing. The guard also keeps you from using the hook on something thicker than about 1/2" in diameter. Hooking back to the strap itself (as shown in the product pictures) or hooking to a small eye bolt will work, but you can't hook it onto the truck bed cleat and have the hook guard engaged. Small nit feature but worth noting.

      B Christensen
      Superb Quality, all the features you want in a tie-down

      These have it all - great construction, a heavy-duty cam mechanism & nice thick webbing. They also feature "gates" for the hooks to keep them secured when you're trying to set things up solo and don't have an extra hand to hold one end in place. There is even an attached velcro strap on the tag end of the webbing to secure any excess once you have your load secured. Fantastic all around. The included case is also very nice, but a bit big. This allows you to still store the straps if you are a bit sloppy about rolling them up afterwards. (So often included cases can only be used if you very carefully stow something without any slack whatsoever which can be a challenge. Not the case with this case - it could easily fit a third strap or other accessories. Overall HIGHLY recommended!

      Jon Jette
      Tie downs

      Definitely will be buying a second set!! Thank you!


      This makes it easy to tie a dirtbike. These are easy to use by me. They are very sturdy. They can sometimes be tightened if you are driving on rough roads. If you're hauling long distances, you might check them periodically.